iWish EZY
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iWish EZY

iWish EZY

Why must I take iWish EZY ?
Wanting to be slim and in good shape without skipping a meal, and while maintaining a proper nutrition seems like a difficult task for just anyone. We have witnessed many traditionally many weight loss methods in the past. While some may resort to diet pills, hoping for quick results, only to find themselves with the “yo-yo” effect where the loss weight returning twice as much in some cases;  there are others that count calories, only to find it very unsuccessful,  inaccurate and difficult in normal daily routines.

iWish EZY is a new alternative for people who want to Keep that weight and control or lose weight. I wish easy can be used as a meal replacement to help control your weight effectively... what’s more, you no longer have to starve yourself in the process.

iWish EZY provides 116 Kcal per package (30g.) 


Good health after consuming iWish EZY

-  Premium quality "Oat Fiber" from Sweden that provides fiber that is highly water soluble which acts as a sponge to help absorb excess food that is left in the intestine.  The Beta-Glucan in the oat fiber helps to absorb good cholesterol, leaving you feeling full faster, without the risk of being fat.

- Contains complete proteins from sources such as Soy protein, Rice protein, and protein from Egg White.  Soy protein helps to strengthen the immune system, increase the body’s metabolism, and decrease of waste materials within the body.  Rice protein powder, when compared to whey protein from rice, is full of amino acid and  easier to consume without any allergic reaction.  Finally protein from egg whites is of high-quality with many benefits;  while it can help your stomach feeling full for longer time, it also helps to repair the body cells, as well.

- In addition to 13 vitamins that helps strengthen the body, They are 72 types of complex-mineral from sea coral in Iceland which helps to maintain healthy bones and digestive system.

- Polydextrose provide high of fiber helps control blood sugar level and also help your stomach feeling full for longer time.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) assists in the fat burning process, and has the ability to burn fat while you are sleeping.  This CLA is the similar natural fatty acid found in sunflower oil and safflower oil.


One Sachet of iWish EZY contains:

- Complete nutritional values from 5 food groups
- Build and repair body cells
- Assist in the digestive system
- Promote the body’s metabolism
- Reduce cholesterol
- Maintains the bones health
- Helps to burn fat while sleeping
- Maintains body weight and shape

It is the new alternative in weight loss and weight control.

       Are you tired of having to control the amount of food you eat, count calories, or keep tab of your carbohydrate or protein intake during each meal?  All of these activities seems to be too much for many, which ultimately leads to many people giving up their diet program.

Ingredients : 

Oat Fiber
Isolate Protein
Wheat Fiber
Fish Peptide Collagen
Calcium L-Lactate
CLA from Safflower Oil
Beta Glucan from Oat
Premix Vitamin

Directions :

     - Take 1 sachet per meal instead of breakfast or dinner. In case of weight controlling, able to take 1 sachet for breakfast and 1 
        sachet for dinner
     - For lunch, able to have any normal meal by take low calories meal

Instruction : 

Mix well in hot or cold drinking water of 200-250 milliliters.

Contain :

10 sachet in 1 box (1 x 30,000 mg. x 10 sachets)


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Price (Bath)




Total (Bath)


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Natural Extracts ; Acerola Cherry, Pomegranate, Grape Seed, Rosehip and Citrus Bioflavonoids

990.00 Bath 850.00 Bath

iWish EZY

iWish EZY

Meal Replacement consist of Oat Fiber, Egg Protein, Isolate Soy Protein, Rice Protein

1,390.00 Bath 980.00 Bath



Rice bran oil, Coenzyme Q10, Rice germ

1,290.00 Bath 850.00 Bath

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