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Taking sleepy pills may not be the best solution for insomnia

There are many reasons for insomnia, stemming from problems from physical or mental factors, or could be from many other external factors. Physical causes could be due to the body’s illnesses That may interrupt the normal sleep pattern;  or may be due to aging, where older people normally requires less sleeping.  As for the mental factors, it may be due to stress from surrounding problems such as stress from work, or stress from illnesses which leads to the body not being able to get enough rest, difficulty sleeping, or get deep sleep.  Many people may remedy the situation by taking sleeping pills, which prolong taking of sleeping pills may not be the best solution for your health.
SERENE : Nutritional supplement contains extracts from Rice bran oil, Coenzyme Q10 and Rice germ.  Contained within rice germ is a very important substance known as Pharma  GABA, which has the property as a overall link for central nervous system, It’s in the functioning of the central control for the brain,  controls moods, regulates heart rate, and helps in the normal functioning of the brain, which results in being able to fall asleep easier and faster.

SERENE Selection of the main raw materials with world-class standards with organic standards (iFoam) that are quality and safe without chemical contamination.

 SERENE give you a quality life

- Promote a quality sleep, helps deep sleep and feel fresh after get up.
- Reduce Cholesterol and Tri-glyceride due to Gamma Oryzanol, which is found only in rice bran and germ oil.
- Skin nourishing and anti-aging 
- Good for brain and nervous system, better migraine pain
- Good for eyesight
- Immune booster

Ingredients :

  • Rice Bran Oil

  • Rice germ Ext.

  • Coenzyme Q10

Direction :

Take 2 capsules daily, 30 minutes before bedtime

Cautions :

  • Keep out of reach of children

Contain  60 capsules / package

FDA No.  20-1-13451-1-0270

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Natural Extracts ; Acerola Cherry, Pomegranate, Grape Seed, Rosehip and Citrus Bioflavonoids

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iWish EZY

iWish EZY

Meal Replacement consist of Oat Fiber, Egg Protein, Isolate Soy Protein, Rice Protein

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Rice bran oil, Coenzyme Q10, Rice germ

1,290.00 Bath 850.00 Bath

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